SFE Group and Qatar listed company Meeza established a cooperative relationship



      SFE Group has established a long-term cooperative relationship with MEEZA, a listed company in Qatar. As the exclusive agent of MEEZA in Greater China, it provides product solutions for customers seeking to go to the Middle East, and helps customers in Greater China develop the Middle East market.

      Meeza is a provider of the end -to -end hosting IT service and solution provider in Qatar. Its mission is to become the leading hosting IT service and solution provider in the Middle East and North Africa. Meeza's products include managing IT services, data center services, cloud services, and IT security services. Meeza has five three -level certification data centers, known as M -VAult, ensuring the normal running time of 99.98%, which meets strict international standards. Make enterprises benefit from higher efficiency and reducing risks. Meeza's advanced data center M-Vault 2 obtained Leed Platinum certification, and M-Vault 3 obtains Leed gold certification.