Ubud "Garden Restaurant"



Ubud is committed to the holiday garden style, combining art aesthetics with the catering industry. The high-level team leads "Ubud Garden" to a new peak with elegant taste and high-end food, and plans to expand to first-tier cities across the country from 2022, bringing better dining experience to consumers across the country.

Ubud consumer groups are mainly business nouveau aristocracies, art practitioners, senior white collars, middle class families and so on. This group can resonate with Ubud. They have realized social value in their own field, have the strength to cope with the hustle and bustle of life, have the taste for the pursuit of beautiful things, and have the touch of tasting delicious food. Ubud provides them with services for business dinners, family gatherings, dates with friends, industry negotiations and events.

In addition to the beautiful scenery of the restaurant, only the food is its origin. Ubud is very careful and even strict in the selection of food. He puts "freshness" first and "taste" first, creating a "fusion dish" that combines Cantonese cuisine with Southeast Asian cuisine, which not only has the clean, fresh, tender and smooth flavor of Cantonese cuisine, but also has the strong sour and spicy flavor of Southeast Asian cuisine. Such as Australian Red Dragon, flower glue goose paw pot, casserole sweet baked money eel, steamed Pearl Dragon with golden pepper sauce and signature curry crab, all won unanimous praise from diners.

Ubud is committed to providing the most extreme enjoyment for every guest by its meticulous refinement of food, excellence of service, meticulous refinement of environment and precise control of every detail.

Ubud has become a bridge connecting Guangxi with the cultural, artistic and social exchanges of ASEAN countries, which is not only favored by domestic customers, but also praised by people in Southeast Asia.

Mr. Wang Hua, founder of Ubud, and Consul General of Indonesia Ben had a cordial meeting on cultural exchanges between China and India. Ben once led the Indonesian delegation to visit the headquarters of Pingui Group and the Indonesian Garden of Ubud Garden Restaurant, and exchanged cooking skills at the group's R&D center.