Mr. Wu Southeast Asia Pavilion brand introduction



Mr. Wu Southeast Asia Pavilion brand introduction

It was founded in 2015

Taste travel, hunting Southeast Asia.

Mr. Wu, who is keen on life, travels around Southeast Asia and collects delicacies from various countries to bring back to his hometown.

Mr. Wu has conveyed his positive, optimistic, friendly and sharing beliefs to the store. He hopes that all the guests can feel the wonderful ingredients and unique flavors of Southeast Asia, and his friends can taste the special food of Southeast Asia

Based on Southeast Asian cuisine, breaking traditional boundaries.

Promote a new lifestyle and add color to Southeast Asian restaurants.

In the stereotype, tea restaurants are lively but too noisy, while Southeast Asian restaurants are attractive but the same.

Mr. Vu combines the earthly fireworks of the tea restaurant with the authentic and fresh Southeast Asian food to the local area. This is the new dining model proposed by Mr. Vu.