Youyin Coffee has been invested by Cheng Group to help build the unmanned infrastructure of the coffee industry



Since its establishment in 2014, Youyi Coffee has built the industry's first on-site ice self-service coffee machine, the first robotic arm coffee machine, and the first unmanned coffee shop, aiming to build a fresh coffee service infrastructure with unattended coffee machines as the carrier, leading the industry in product experience, equipment manufacturing, and market expansion.

It is understood that the exclusive equipment models deeply involved in the cooperative research and development of Youyi Coffee have made major breakthroughs in core experiences such as the number of SKUs, ice drinks, milk foam quality, failure rate, food safety and hygiene. Its latest fourth-generation smart coffee machine exclusively uses drip extraction brewing, double coffee bean box, pipeless brewing, robotic arm aerial walking, dry and wet separation, in-cup mixing technology and other technologies, some technologies are ahead of other similar equipment for more than three years, taking the lead in achieving industry breakthroughs such as SKUs greater than 30, milk foam ratio of 1:1, failure rate of 0.025% (5% of traditional automatic coffee machines), production-pickup warehouse partition management, etc., to ensure hygienic reliability, stability, and obvious improvement of beverage taste.

In terms of coffee taste, Youyi Coffee is personally prepared by well-known coffee masters to provide a beautiful, convenient and preferential coffee experience. In addition, the on-site ice making technology exclusively introduced by Youyi has solved the problem that the sales of traditional self-service coffee machines have fallen by more than half in summer, turning the off-season into a peak season for beverage sales.

At present, the production line capacity, equipment life, category expansion and food supply chain of the coffee machine are at the leading level in the self-service coffee machine industry. The equipment is all manufactured by industrial robots, with a service life of up to 10 years, and a production line capacity of 150,000 units, which is the only equipment production line with a production capacity of more than 10,000 units in China. Youyi Coffee has carried out in-depth customized cooperation with the world's largest factory in terms of self-service equipment production (accounting for more than 80% of the world's share), which can achieve an average of one machine manufacturing every 2 minutes. In terms of scalability, Youyi also reserves snack self-service vending equipment categories in the three-temperature zone, which can realize 3-in-1 coffee machines, snack machines, and beverage machines. Youyi Coffee also establishes traceable direct procurement cooperation with top international and domestic coffee bean, dairy and dessert manufacturers to ensure the freshness, uniformity and timeliness of material replenishment.



Coffee operation and maintenance personnel are maintaining the coffee machine equipment

The core members of the Youyin market and operation team come from Baidu, Alibaba, Tencent, Microsoft and other companies, and the core members have been engaged in management in the world's top 500 enterprises and the largest self-service retail enterprises in China, and have experience in managing more than 10,000 physical stores and managing more than 10,000 self-service equipment. In 2017, Youyi Coffee achieved a market growth rate of more than 10 times, and has completed the layout of more than 1,000 units across the country, including office scenes such as Xiaomi, Sony, CITIC, China Resources and well-known universities such as Tsinghua University, Peking University, Fudan University, Nanjing University, etc., through mobile, intelligent, visualized and real-time operation systems have achieved fool-like efficient management, and are expected to reach 10,000 points in 2019.

Zhang Yang, founder and CEO of Youyi Coffee, said: "Coffee is a big item in consumption upgrade, and Youyi is achieving 'Starbucks quality + pickup points all over the building' to build the infrastructure of China's future coffee consumption market. The 100 million RMB capital injection from China Growth Capital and the world's top industrial fund will ensure that Youdrink has the most sufficient financial strength in the industry to quickly cover high-quality scenarios, and bring smart, convenient and delicious coffee and drinks to consumers across the country. For partners in various places, Youyi outputs full-chain service capabilities + LEGO optional installation plan + professional market expansion capabilities, providing full-chain services from site selection, purchase, launch, installation, operation, customer service, maintenance, etc., to achieve complementary capabilities and quickly cover high-quality offline retail scenarios."



Zhang Yang, founder and CEO of Youdrink Coffee, and the fourth generation of Youyi intelligent freshly ground coffee machine

About Coffee Friendly

"Youyi Coffee" is a leading automatic freshly ground coffee service provider in China, aiming to build "Starbucks quality + pickup points throughout the building" with unattended coffee machines as the carrier and build the infrastructure of coffee services.

Youyi Coffee has leading self-service coffee technology capabilities, and has maintained a number of records in iced coffee, SKU categories, drip extraction, and robotic arm production. Youyi Coffee has the full-chain service capability of unattended coffee scene, and can provide assembled services according to the wishes of partners.

In April 2017, the fourth-generation machine of Youyi Coffee and the first commercial-grade ice coffee machine in China rolled off the production line; In September 2017, Youyi Coffee launched the first unmanned coffee shop in China; In December 2017, Youyi Coffee launched the LEGO program, opening up the full-chain service capability to partners.