Against the tide of the epidemic, how did Youyin smart coffee machine win orders of nearly 100 million yuan by live streaming



It took 15 days to prepare for a 30-minute live broadcast, and the first "City Partner Recruitment" live broadcast received a contract of nearly 10 million yuan. So far, a single live broadcast has exceeded 20 million yuan, and a total of 10 live broadcasts have been held since the epidemic, and the signing amount collected is about 100 million yuan... Moving to B's offline associate partner recruitment online is the best and only option Zhang Yang and his team can come up with.

Zhang Yang, founder and CEO of Youyi Coffee, is live broadcasting

Offline, in the face of the epidemic, it seems extremely fragile. Zhang Yang is doing such an offline retail business, and 5 years ago, he founded Youyin. In the first two years, the company invested 100 million yuan in the research and development of a smart ready-made beverage equipment, and also invited Costa's product director to sit and develop products. In the past few years, Youyi has more than 20,000 locations across the country and has become an important partner of Jianfu, Jingdong convenience stores and Wumart convenience stores.

However, all this is not worth mentioning in the face of the epidemic, and for the sake of business development, he chose to go from direct operation to joint operation. For the reasons why the company can rise in the contrarian trend, Zhang Yang summarized it into 3 aspects:

1. All in live streaming for the first time. Compared with peers, the team basically began to prepare for the "live broadcast city partners" half a month in advance, including product packaging, customer group analysis, live broadcast site planning, and follow-up plans after conversion presented on the vertical screen, and all employees made detailed operation plans.

2. Pay attention to conversion from the beginning of live broadcast users. Live streaming is just one format, and he sees live streaming as an online recruitment of city partners. Before the live broadcast, the team invited many precise partners in advance and gave full support to the joint venture.

3. Heavy warehouse convenience store channel. At first glance, offline retail has entered a "quiet period", but in fact, convenience stores are the infrastructure of people's livelihood in a special period. Convenience stores are mostly large chains, with strong anti-risk ability and early resumption of work, which has become the preferred channel for many office workers to solve three meals a day, and Youyi's self-service equipment is more suitable for convenience store channels to expand revenue.


His self-service drink machine has coffee and milk tea

The same is a coffee business, if Luckin is using 1 billion to burn a Chinese concept stock bubble, then the friendly drink founded by Zhang Yang chooses to run a brand in 5 years.

In 2014, during Zhang Yang's trip to Europe, he saw that the penetration rate of coffee in Europe was very high, and he planted the idea of starting a business in the coffee industry in his heart.

At the end of that year, Zhang Yang visited Japan again, and he found that Japan had a similar situation. Because convenience stores are so well developed, everyone queues up to buy coffee in the morning and at noon.

Years of business hard work have made Zhang Yang pay more attention to market data. In Japan, the largest convenience store is the 711, which sells more than 1.2 billion cups of coffee per year alone. At that time, the domestic convenience store track also stood on the cusp, many brands emerged, and the number of stores opened continued to rise.

A thought swirled in my mind: Can Japan's convenience store coffee model be replicated domestically? After thinking about it, he thought he could give it a try. Because of the current domestic retail business, it is basically impossible to avoid 2 problems, expensive rent and labor costs, and self-service coffee equipment can solve these two problems at the same time.

Because of his own Internet entrepreneurial genes, Zhang Yang, who entered the retail field to start a business, is full of confidence. He is one of the earliest mobile Internet practitioners in China, with rich experience in mobile Internet product operation and 3C sales channel system construction, with an operating customer scale of more than 30 million, an annual sales performance of nearly 5 billion yuan, and has managed more than 10,000 physical stores.

In 2015, when the project was launched, he chose to directly "copy" Japanese coffee machine equipment and product flavors to China for pilots, and invited the world record holder, Keiko Sunayama of Japan with an annual volume of 1.2 billion cups. "The drinking habits of domestic and foreign consumption are different, and foreign hardware is not suitable for domestic use." ”



He found that traditional coffee machines have more or less "piping" problems. There are often N pipelines inside the machine to transport raw materials, such as sugar, milk, coffee, etc. "The 5th drink may still have some of the flavor of the 1st."

Moreover, the raw materials have the disadvantages of natural deteriorating and easy to block the pipe, which will make daily maintenance very difficult, and the failure rate is as high as 100~200 cups once.

In order to find the right equipment supply chain, Zhang Yang chose to work directly with Fuji Electric, a factory in this field. Founded in Japan in the 1960s, Fuji Electric is the world's leading manufacturer of self-service vending machines, which is equivalent to Foxconn's position in the domestic 3C processing and manufacturing industry.

The negotiations were not always easy. "We're just a small startup, and the two sides are not equal; The language is different, and there will be barriers to communication between the two sides; Cultural differences, different understandings of each other's needs, can easily lead to disagreement. ”

Data is the best way to persuade. Zhang Yang developed and assembled the coffee machine equipment and put it on the ground in China, and directly submitted the refined operation process and data results to Fuji Electric. In the end, the two sides reached a cooperation.



A cup co-branded by Friendly Drink and Station B

After two years, in September 2017, the self-service coffee equipment of Youyi was developed, and its internal robotic arm can achieve "zero pipe", "dry and wet separation" and "raw material silo closure" inside the coffee machine, reducing the failure rate by 95%.

In addition to equipment, Zhang Yang also directly recruited people who can make master flavors to the company to make coffee. Youyin's coffee was developed by the product director of Costa China, who won the gold medal in the Costa Global Coffee Competition, and has gone through more than 40 processes.

Traditional coffee is mostly brewed at high pressure, while 95% of specialty coffee shops are drip extracted, which conveys the aroma of coffee to the fullest. "In layman's terms, it is the difference between a pressure cooker soup in the north and a casserole soup in the south." Zhang Yang introduced that Youyin's coffee can technically extract the original aroma of coffee, and also has the function of making ice on site.

In addition to coffee, considering the needs of Chinese people for drinks, Youyin's coffee machine also "wears many hats", which can provide 40 items in 4 categories in one machine, namely coffee, soy milk and soy milk, milk tea, fruit drinks, etc.


During the epidemic, it won nearly 100 million yuan in orders by live broadcasting

In terms of market launch, Zhang Yang chose the "direct and effective" approach.

At first, all of Friendly drinks were directly operated. As soon as he entered, Zhang Yang held high and directly entered universities such as Qingbei Fujiao, and exclusively entered transportation hubs such as Beijing Capital Airport, Daxing Airport and Beijing South Railway Station.



Friendly drink landing convenience store

This approach quickly attracted the attention of many convenience store brands, and the company established in-depth cooperation with Jianfu, Jingdong convenience stores, Freshippo, Wumart and so on. At present, the number of signed stores of Youyi has exceeded 20,000.

However, Zhang Yang's career is much more than that. After the direct sales point gained brand recognition, he wanted to achieve rapid replication across the country through close association.

"In fact, the smaller the retail unit, the better it fits into a partnership model." He introduced that 80% of the profits of 711 convenience stores in Japan come from joining; Mercedes-Benz Audi and other well-known brands are sold through the franchised 4S stores; Huawei mobile phones also do not have a direct store of their own in Beijing. "This shows that the joint venture model is a very efficient business model."

Cooperation is always a win-win driven. Zhang Yang calculated an account for the joint operation, according to different configurations, the single cost of the self-service coffee equipment of Youyi is more than 50,000 yuan, if the daily volume reaches 100 cups, less than 1 year can achieve cost recovery and net profit.

At the beginning of this year, the new crown pneumonia broke out, and almost all offline businesses pressed the "pause button" together. However, Youjiu, which just opened the joint venture model at the beginning of this year, chose to accelerate the pace of opening up the joint venture.

How to promote joint operation has become a problem faced by the Youyi team. After the resumption of work, the offline promotion commonly used in the past was blocked, and the Youyi team began to transform internally, focusing all its work on online live broadcasting, and began to broadcast live for the B-side. In terms of promotion content, Zhang Yang also made adjustments. Youyi also launched drinks rich in honeysuckle and vitamin C according to the times, focusing on improving immunity.

At 10 a.m. on February 17, although it was not the prime time for live broadcasting, Zhang Yang still started his online live broadcast debut.

"In my opinion, live streaming is just a formality, similar to the underlying logic of TV shopping before: excellent business display, deep brand recognition, suitable prices, and special preferential policies." Zhang Yang pointed out that the precipitation in recent years has allowed Youyi to accumulate brand awareness. Brand royalties are waived for up to one year, on a first-come, first-served basis, and places are limited. ”

The method of live broadcasting joint ventures quickly paid off. At its peak, the number of viewers in the live broadcast room exceeded 2,000, and the number of intended partners reached 1,000. The first half-hour live broadcast completed the signing of more than 10 million yuan.

"One minute on stage, 10 years offstage." He lamented that he is not the founder of an Internet celebrity, and the company has not done live broadcasts before, so as early as February 3, all employees of the company have resumed work. In order to prepare for the live broadcast for 2 weeks, detailed operation plans were made around the product packaging, customer group analysis, live broadcast site planning, and follow-up plan after conversion.

Unlike the well-known anchors such as Weiya and Li Jiaqi for C-end consumers, Zhang Yang's live broadcast is directly oriented to the B-side, and the underlying logic of the two is completely different. "Think of it as an online joint venture recruitment meeting, we first find the target group, and then accurately invite the offer." Even if only 100 people enter the live broadcast room, the signing brought by its conversion cannot be underestimated.

As for how to persuade B-end users to continue to bet on offline retail, Zhang Yang confessed that the epidemic has indeed affected offline business, but convenience stores are indeed two examples of contrarian growth. Pharmacies are special, convenience stores are mostly chains, strong anti-risk ability, can resume work in advance, and become a place for many people to return to work, and Youyu recommends that the joint venture partners target the convenience store scene.

It's also a cumulative. After 20 days, the team started broadcasting for the third time, and the data skyrocketed. The peak number of viewers exceeded 5,000, and the number of signed contracts exceeded 20 million.

Li Chuan (pseudonym) is one of Zhang Yang's live broadcast fans. Li Chuan has been engaged in the offline retail industry for many years, but the epidemic has left him with almost no business. After seeing Zhang Yang's live broadcast, he thought that it might be an opportunity, and at the risk of being isolated, he led a team of more than 10 people to Zhang Yang's company to inspect and sign 2 million orders. Subsequently, he added three more times, and the total cumulative order amount has exceeded 6.6 million yuan so far.

There are many more such associates, and Zhang Yang revealed that during the entire epidemic, the company's joint venture signing was close to 100 million yuan.

Zhang Yang believes that Yuyou drinking coffee itself, let Chinese develop the habit of drinking coffee, may have a long way to go, but Starbucks, Costa, McDonald's, KFC, etc. have educated the market, coupled with the addition of other drinks more suitable for Chinese people, the prospects of Youyi seem to be clearer, and the data of linear growth during the epidemic also proves this.

There are already many players on the coffee track, but there are not many black swan events like the epidemic, how to serve the current associate partners well, and how to carry out the next round of high-speed growth, are all tough battles that Zhang Yang will fight next.

About Coffee Friendly

Youyi Coffee is a smart coffee machine brand created by Beijing Sayibu Two Technology Co., Ltd., which was founded in 2014 and completed a series A financing led by Huachuang Capital in 2018. Since 2014, Youyi Coffee has been specializing in the field of smart coffee machines for 5 years with the spirit of ingenuity, and through exclusive technical advantages, it has pioneered the use of industrial-grade robotic arms to replace traditional pipelines, solving the problem of pipeline blockage of traditional coffee machines from the root, and the stability is 20 times higher than that of traditional coffee machines. China's freshly ground coffee market has broad prospects, Youyi coffee with fresh ground, automatic ice making, 0 pipeline, stable operation and other advantages, as well as more than 20 exclusive patented technologies, excellent coffee quality, rich product categories, close to the people's price, has won the favor of the market. At present, Youyi Coffee has covered education, business, office, traffic and other scenarios, thousands of coffee machines all over the country, providing 2 million users with high-quality self-service freshly ground coffee services.