Engineering Construction Infrastructure

As a group enterprise deeply engaged in domestic and foreign markets, Cheng Group adheres to the domestic development and the country. One Belt, One Road; Project strategic opportunities, give full play to the domestic and foreign resource advantages of Cheng Group, build a first-class domestic and foreign sales network system, actively layout the financial investment, domestic and foreign engineering construction, medical technology research and development, film and television entertainment and other industries, give full play to the advantages of industry clustering and synergistic effect, promote the long-term development of their own. And with a high sense of social value awareness, sense of responsibility, sense of mission to help the domestic economic take-off.

The group has more than 20 participating and holding companies at home and abroad, more than 200 indirectly holding companies and five business divisions under the group. We always keep the concept of quality first, and continue to provide services that can stand the test of time and market. To bring customers convenient, worry free cooperation experience.